Establishing Groundwork

As I explained in my last blog post a couple weeks ago, I introduced my project to BHA club last Thursday and asked for their support and assistance. They expressed their support and some even offered their assistance with the Q&A with a Student Hunter event. I am planning on introducing my project to another club, George Wright, in the future to further expand my community. I found out about George Wright after introducing my project to BHA. Someone in BHA gave me a name of the girl who leads it and told me they had a similar goal. I met with her and she explained that George Wright is a society that connects people, places, knowledge, and ideas to promote excellence in natural resource management. I laughed when she told me this because the club she was explaining is the exact kind of club I was looking for from the beginning. She also laughed because before she met me she heard about the project I was doing and that I spoke at a club meeting full of hunters and thought “What’s she doing there? She should be with us.” This story just goes to show that the path to your goal is not a straight one. I found the group that I should have been with all along but without meeting BHA first, the idea for Q&A with a Student Hunter never would have been created. Now I have connections to both of these groups with differing ideas and viewpoints, and if I can encourage them to come together and discuss issues concerning public lands I feel that we can find better solutions.

Ian Burrow (the President of BHA) and I have decided to split up tasks for this project. He has taken on the role of advertising this event towards hunters/outdoorsmen and has made a lot of progress so far. Since he has dedicated most of his life to hunting he is sponsored by different hunting companies such as Public Pursuit and Powderhook. Powderhook kindly accepted our request for them to make flyers for our event and produced the image below. In addition, Powderhook asked if they could come record our event and put it on their website. If any of you would like any copies of this flyer to keep/distribute please let me know!


I have taken on the role of advertising this event towards hikers/campers/people that hate hunters. Recently I have began looking for classes that could pertain to my project and emailed their teachers. Below is a list of only a few of the many teachers I have emailed:Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.58.36 PM.png
As you can see, most of these classes have nothing to do with my project or anything to do with the environment even. I am targeting these classes for two reasons: 1. Because there are not many climate focused classes at K-State and 2. Because all of them deal with social change. Although this is such a wide range of classes I believe their common theme of social change will be represented through the students in the classes. I will continue to email professors with reminders of the event periodically in the coming weeks so it will not be forgotten about.

I believe with our combined efforts will be able to reach a majority of students on campus, hopefully coming in contact with the most passionate minds on this issue. In the video we watched this week Professor Steve Rayner said that Copenhagen set their goals too high and when they failed they didn’t adequately reevaluate their goals. He said they had the idea that “when somethings not working, lets try even harder on the thing thats not working.” This is something I have to keep in mind while wayfaring through my project. There is not one clear way to run this project or solve the climate crisis. Additionally, I might not have a lot of people fully on board with my project yet but the people I do have are passionate about it to keep it moving forward. We must continue to make adjustments in our projects to find the way that’ll produce the best results, even if it makes life harder.



  1. Erica, your efforts are really starting to show! I think combining two completely separate demographics of people with opposite beliefs is such an awesome idea. This was an atmosphere that I hoped to cultivate with my project but really never found a way of doing. I have many friends who are hunters that don’t necessarily stand where I do on certain environmental issues, but I love the idea of taking them to this discussion to see if any of our opinions do end up lining up. You’ll have to keep us updated!


  2. Erica, I’m so blown away with the progress you’ve made on your project! I definitely plan to show up to your event!! My family hunts but I’ve never been (b/c I don’t want to spend the time going through the hunter safety course) so I can’t wait to hear both perspectives of the debate. Some things I’ll be curious to know is whether the people who are against hunting have either a.) been through a hunter safety course or b.) been hunting. Keep up the good work!


  3. Wow Erica! You are making so much progress and it is really inspiring. Just looking at that list of professors you have email shows just how much work you have been putting into this project. I would love to help you distribute flyers!


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